WCS Miketz

Almost shabbat again! Here's a little thought: At the end of this week's parsha, Miketz, Rashi says, concerning the Midrash about Yosef’s being punished with sitting for two additional years in prison was because he didn’t put all his trust in Hashem but relied on the Minister of the Drinks, who was flesh and blood. This parsha coincides with Chanukah. On Chanukah Rabbis teach that “Suddenly a person is enclothed in the spirit of gevurah” and then he can do acts of strength because, “the essence of gevurah is in the heart.” A person whose heart is strong is not afraid of anyone in the world—he has no fear. That was where Yosef went wrong. He forgot that he only needs trust in the One above. On Chanukah, this trust, this total lack of fear, comes easier to us because of the light of the menorah. May we all let that light into our hearts and souls and let nothing stand in our way! Shabbat shalom people :)

-Deborah Danon

Added on: December 14, 2012

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